The most invaluable commitment of AR-Jewellery is its adherence to Fairmined.

The Fairmined project guarantees the consumer a complete trace of all the materials that make up each jewel. In fact, the founders of the Fairmined brand cooperate with the entire supply chain i.e. miners, legislators, industrial organizations and buyers. In this way, they guarantee compliance with the Fairmined standard.

The goal of this brand is to support sustainable development of handcraft mine communities. Knowing the importance of mining for millions of people, who are driven chiefly by poverty to mining activities, some players in this industry see in small-scale mining the best opportunity not only to have a positive social impact but also to help promote a active respect for the environment.
This brand is fighting against all the problems related to the extraction of gold and other precious metals, such as the financing of war conflicts, child labour, environmental destruction, irresponsible use of mercury as well as health and safety of the workers.

On 2 October 2017, AR-Jewellery obtained Certification Number CH 30005 for the purchase and use of precious metals
AR-Jewellery fully respects the guide lines for the treatment and processing of mining materials laid down by the Fairmind brand.
On request, while using Fairmined precious metals, AR-Jewellery is available for the realization of your personal jewel.